Dermal Fillers

The traditional facelift is an unwelcome last resort for most people, as it can be a very daunting and expensive procedure. Providing a dramatically less-painful alternative for those who want to look younger, injectable dermal fillers are a most effective alternative.

Increasing the face’s plumpness and structure, fillers counteract facial issues including folds and creases on cheeks and sagging jawlines, narrow lips and lined temples. They are also a great treatment for adding youthfulness to hands.

Taking just around 30 minutes, fillers can be administered under local anaesthetic. Depending on the type of filler used where it’s applied, the effects last from six to 18 months. Results are immediately evident and side effects are rare.

At no.8 Clinic Cornmarket, fillers can be tailored to personal requirements and our range of safe wrinkle fillers including Sculptra®, Emerval®, Restylane® and Radiesse®.

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