Adult Orthodontics

Aside from the negative effect on our personal confidence, misshapen, crooked teeth and misaligned jaws and can also cause tooth decay and gum disease. Due to the increased awareness around the dangers of poor oral health in recent years, more people are taking the opportunity to correct long-standing oral problems by opting for adult braces.

Traditionally clunky, painful and indiscreet, adult orthodontics are now more comfortable and flexible than ever, producing straight, aligned teeth quickly and effectively.

Get the perfect smile you’ve always wanted at no.8 Clinic Cornmarket with our great selection of modern orthodontic and cosmetic dentistry treatments. We offer fixed appliances (one arch and two arches) and clear and metal braces.

Additionally, we offer discreet clear aligners and a 6 Month Braces treatment that is powerful and fast-working. Working on the teeth that are invisible to the eye, the subtle, tooth-coloured wires and brackets braces carefully align the teeth and gently close gaps within just six months.

Contact our helpful dental clinic team about our manageable 0% finance payment plans for your adult orthodontics.