Teeth Whitening

It’s highly common for our teeth to stain and yellow as we get older. This discolouration of the hard outer layer (or enamel) of the teeth can be caused by ineffective dental hygiene, smoking or the consumption of sugary, acidic or darkly-coloured foods and drinks such as fruit, fizzy pop, wine, tea and coffee. Trauma to the tooth, medicines or fluoride may also cause the inside layer of the tooth to become stained or discoloured.

Greatly increasing in popularity, tooth whitening can really improve the appearance of teeth, increasing their whiteness and helping the face to look brighter and more vibrant.

no.8 Clinic Cornmarket offers in-office bleaching as well as effective home bleaching kits for your convenience. As each patient’s complete dental history is taken into account, we can recommend the safest and most effective teeth whitening treatment for your unique requirements.

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Home Bleaching


Internal Bleaching of a discoloured tooth