Dermal Fillers

For many people, the thoughts of a traditional facelift can be overwhelming and even upsetting. Virtually painless and a lot less costly, injectable dermal fillers are a much more feasible anti-wrinkle treatment in the quest for a vibrant and younger-looking appearance.

Adding facial volume and definition to sagging jawlines, lined or creased cheeks and temples and thin lips, fillers furthermore add a youthful plumpness to hands.

Fillers can be administered under local anaesthetic in approximately 30 minutes. Results are immediately evident and side effects from dermal fillers are rare. Depending on the area being treated and type of filler used, the effect of fillers lasts from six to 18 months.

At no.8 Clinic Cornmarket our comprehensive range of wrinkle dermal fillers includes Sculptra®, Radiesse®, Restylane® and Emerval®. Fillers can also be customised to the patient’s specific requirements.

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