Child & Adolescent Orthodontics

Crooked or overcrowded teeth, misaligned jaws and overbites can compromise the oral health of children and adolescents. Causing a range of problems from mild discomfort to gum disease, toothache, and tooth decay, these issues may also be harmful to the individual’s self-esteem. If unmanaged, such dental problems may worsen over time. no.8 Clinic Cornmarket provides a wide range of modern and highly-effective orthodontic solutions. Carefully moving the jaws and problem teeth into the right place, our child and adolescent orthodontic treatments are much more discreet and lightweight than traditional headgear or braces. We offer interceptive orthodontics for crowding, fixed braces, functional appliances and removable appliances. Transparent or tooth-coloured, our subtle range of orthodontic solutions is fabricated from a blend of strong, comfortable and adaptable materials. Contact no.8 Clinic Cornmarket today to book the right orthodontic treatment for your child or adolescent and avail of our free consultations and convenient 0% finance payment plans.