Adult Orthodontics

Misaligned jaws and crooked, misshapen teeth can cause gum disease and tooth decay, compromising our oral health. Also negatively impacting self-esteem, it’s no surprise that an ever-increasing number of adults are opting for braces in the quest for beautiful, straight teeth. Adult orthodontics once had a reputation for being painful, clunky and unsightly. Thankfully, adult braces are now discreet and lightweight, and they work more quickly and effectively than ever before. At no.8 Clinic Cornmarket, we offer a range of comfortable and contemporary orthodonticandcosmetic dentistry treatments so you can have the perfect smile. Our fixed appliances range incorporates one arch, two arches and clear and metal braces. Furthermore, we offer the high-tech 6 Month Braces treatment, which is highly functional, yet safe and gentle. Focusing just on the teeth that are visible, the discreet, tooth-coloured wires and brackets braces easily close gaps and align the teeth within a short six-month timeframe. Additionally, we offer subtle clear aligners at no.8 Clinic Cornmarket. Our dental clinic staff is delighted to discuss the best adult braces options with you, and we also offer convenient 0% finance payment plans on orthodontics. Contact us today.

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Fixed Appliances Clear

Clear Positioner